Table Top Steam Autoclave LZ-TTA-B21 Cap 50 Liter Brand Labozon USA

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Specification of Table Top Steam Autoclave LZ-TTA-B21 Cap 50 Liter Brand Labozon USA

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Table Top Steam Autoclave LZ-TTA-B21 Cap 50 Liter

Table Top Steam Autoclave LZ-TTA-B21 is a pressure steam sterilizer with auto controlled and safe mode. Autoclave with four stainless steel sterilizing plates. The beep alert system reminds the finishing of sterilization and turn off the device automatically, and having with the door locking safety system. It has a capacity of 50 L with a working pressure of 0.22 MPa and the working temperature ranges 134 ˚C, it can be adjustable from 105 ˚C to 134 ˚C. It is set be widely used in medical and health care units.

Specifications :

Capacity 50 L

Working Pressure 0.22 MPa

Working Temperature 134 ˚C

Adjustable Temperature 105 to 134 ˚C

Time Period 0 to 60 min

Power 2.7 kw

Features : 

Indicator lights provide working status indication

Stain less steel device having with three chamber sterilizing plates

It has capability of rapid sterilization for 4-6 minutes

Sterilizing temperature and time can be set before function of device

It has a protection over the water lacking process

It can be automatically turns off after buzz

Buzz alert system is to remind the completing process of sterilization

Protection automatically over high pressure and high temperature

Exhaust the cool air automatically

Four stainless steel sterilizing plates

Safety is ensured by the door locking system

Steam will not be discharged inside the device

Aplications :

It used to sterilize the dental instruments

Used to sterilize glass ware, surgical instruments and forceps etc.

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